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     Strutter'zine (Holland)
     Progressive Newsletter Magazine (Germany)
     Yes 'Notes From The Edge' Website Review (U.S.A.)
     Yescography Website Review (U.S.A.)
     AOR Basement (England)
     Metal Shock Magazine (Italy)

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Metal Shock Magazine (Italy)

TREASON  "Treason"
(Self-Produced)  46 mins, 12 tracks
Ratings:  Production – 5  Technique – 5  Conf. – 4  Personality – 5
5 Stars Overall

On the web pages of AOR basement courtesy of good old Ian Macintosh, I saw an eclectic review an American band Treason, in which lan defined them like a Hard Rock rising of Yes and World Trade. Having read a critical review of the disc on the web, did that shake the confidence of yours truly of this discs potential? Certainly not - I used the web to put me in contact with the band, and after a copy of the ominous CD arrived, I can definitively state I disagree with Ian’s criticisms. The band Treason is absolutely phenomenal and succeeds in combining a musical mixture of progressive textures joined to a deluxe world class band.

The vocalist Brian Michalski (an augmented combination of a James Christian, Paul Shortino and Paul Sabu) has a raw and powerful voice, and huge range capable of matching the fiery sound of the band. All the other elements of the band show incredible technique on their instruments but they do not misuse their talent making the abusive mistakes that many others bands of this genre make.

The arrangements are absolutely perfect, the sound is incredibly powerful - stressing the melody. This music captivates the listener in a truly original manner. Full of rocks guitars, articulated omnipresent and rhythmic keyboards create the basis from which a worthy singer gives an incredible performance from one of the best supported and fantastic choruses in music today.

Also present on the album are two special guests of exceptional note - Alan White (Yes) and Billy Sherwood (Lodgic, World Trade, The Key and Yes), that contribute more to the value of "Treason" than simply their well respected names.

Every single track on the platter is absolutely fantastic, and I assure you that once you’ve listened to tracks like the Zepplinish " Devil' s Den ", the majestic " Bus Stop Door " introduced by the short and sweet " Funeral for to Dog " and the amazing yet sublime instrumental " Funeral ", " Treason " will not leave your CD player for a long, long time.

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AOR Basement (England)

TREASON — Same (Treason Productions, 1997)

Looks like quite an engaging one when you notice Yes/World Trade/The Key man Billy Sherwood guesting (and also handling the mix) along with Yes drummer Alan White, though the fact they are from Seattle is a concern!

After the initial instrumental opening, "Bus Stop Door" is first up to bat and is clearly progressive swayed (complete with Chris Squire style bass playing) and sounds like a more complex World Trade. The strange thing is that the vocals are very gruff and aren’t what you’d expect from a progressive influenced outfit at all. There is a harder edge to sections of the song which almost take it closer to World Trade. But overall the wailing vocals seem to be holding it back and the lyrics are hard to understand. Once "Too Late" comes along I’m beginning to cogitate that the tight vocals don’t quite fit with the band’s hard-edged prog sound and that the singer would be more at home in a much heavier band.

Musically though, there’s a heck of a lot of good ideas being displayed on tracks like "Collecting Hearts" and "Mantra" where I even thought I heard imprints of Eloy! They produce a succession of great intros to their songs which maintain the listener’s interest and the sonic imagery of a track like "Devil’s Den" is invigorating, it’s just a shame that the vocals sound like an addendum.

I may be doing the singer an injustice and it’s just that his tracks are under produced, as on "Push" (which sounds like Saga gone progressive), the vocals are much better pitched. Could be a band to watch in the long-term, but some short-term tweaking of the sounds is still required.

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Yescography Website Review (U.S.A.) — September 1998

Album: Treason
Artist: Treason
1997 Treason Productions
CD: S70906-17
Band Members:
    Brian Michalski - Lead & backing vocals
    Ted Stockwell - Hammond, piano, synthesizers, programming, backing vocals
    Karl Haug - Acoustic, electric & slide guitars, mandolins
    Pete Stern - Drums, drum & percussion programming
    Jim Dixon - Bass guitar, backing vocals
Additional Musicians:
    Alan White - Drums (2)
    Billy Sherwood - Bass (6,9)
    Segrid Lee - Backing vocals (8)
Produced by Ted Stockwell & Brian Michalski
Engineered by Ted Stockwell
Additional Engineering by Brian Michalski, Lloyd Walker
Mixed by Billy Sherwood
Mastered by Joe Gastwirt
All songs arranged by Karl Haug, Brian Michalski, Pete Stern, and Ted Stockwell.

Aggressive. Moody. A very classy, professional album in a style reminiscent of Collective Soul, only better. The liner notes include special thanks to Yes, among many others.

Submitted by Ray Riethmeier.

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Yes 'Notes From The Edge' Website Review (U.S.A.)

TREASON  "Treason"

Yes members Alan White and Billy Sherwood were busy this summer, not only recording "Open Your Eyes", but also contributing to the debut Album from Treason. Treason is Brian Michalski on Lead Vocals, Ted Stockwell on Keyboards, Karl Haug on Guitars & Mandolins, Peter Stern on Drums and Jim Dixon on Bass Guitar. Alan White guests on drums on "Bus Stop Door" and Billy Sherwood guests on bass on "Mantra" & "Devil's Den".

The album was produced by Ted Stockwell and Brian Michalski, mixed by Billy Sherwood at "The Office", and mastered by Joe Gastwirt at OceanView Digital Mastering. Mixing completed just before OPEN YOUR EYES was put into overdrive.

The history of Yes & Treason began when Alan White and Ted Stockwell met through the auspices of Mike Tiano. Mike organized a computers, technology and music conference put together at Microsoft just before the release of TALK. Ted Stockwell is the Director of Audio Technologies for the Microsoft Network, and after the conference Ted & Alan became fast friends, both having great interests in computers & music, enjoying discussions on past lives, living as legal aliens, having birthdays one day apart and both being members of the commonwealth.

The results of combining the talents of Yes with Treason are stunning — not only are the bands great friends, together they take you on a journey, bringing the attention to detail that the music demands — from the instrumental opener, through several acoustic tracks, and down to the full energy, aggressive works. The collaboration jump starts a new band to the level of journeyman experience, while keeping the raw energy of a young band — giving rise to a debut album that is sure to please Yes fans and the aggressive prog rock aficionados both.

Add the debut album from Treason to complete your 1997 Yes catalog, including OPEN YOUR EYES and KEYS TO ASCENSION II.

Check out the Treason Web site at — you can hear clips of the album and purchase Treason on the web. International orders welcomed.

The album's done, the live show is happening and Treason has started its own promotion. Comments that we've received after our shows and via email have been "Treason is HUGE" — Kelly Wright of KMTT, "incredibly tight" — Seattle promoter Dave Harris, "lots' of energy".

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Progressive Newsletter Magazine (Germany) — May 1999

Treason : Treason

New on the Internet. In the Yes Mailing List “Notes from the Edge,” the US band Treason announced their debut CD. What does this have to do with Yes? Well, Alan White drums on one song, while Billy Sherwood plays bass on two tracks and indeed mixed the album. That’s why the band was nice enough to offer 25 free CDs to the first people who contacted them by e-mail. No sooner said than done. About two weeks later, I belonged to the group of lucky winners and now have the pleasure to introduce the CD to the readers of this magazine.

In contrast to the totally over-produced latest Yes opus “Open Your Eyes”, this first work by the five boys from the Seattle area is actually something substantial. Well-made AOR-style Melodic Rock with a shot of hard guitars and catchy Radio-ready music provided with sufficient drive, power and variety. Singer Brian Michalski, with his aggressive pipes, sounds something like Sammy Hagar as the band covers the entire stylistic spectrum from West Coast ballads to gritty rock that’s rife with progressive elements.

On two short instrumentals, in which Billy Sherwood makes his guest appearance on bass, there’s an undeniable resemblance to his band, World Trade.

The only thing that’s missing are solo spotlights, even though guitarist Karl Haug and chief songwriter and keyboardist Ted Stockwell put a lot of effort into providing a wide variety of sounds. Straightforward, rocking, just plain good, and recommended to the Yes fan, even though Treason, apart from the guest appearances, really has nothing to do with those prog dinosaurs.


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Strutter'zine (Holland) — May 1999

Treason — Treason (Treason Productions)

Alan White and Billy Sherwood from YES have helped this American band. Musically TREASON is reminding me of WORLD TRADE, which means they play Progressive AOR.

There are 12 tracks on their debut CD, which was produced by lead vocalist Brian Michalski and keyboardist Ted Stockwell. Take away 4 instrumental songs and you have 8 songs to listen to. The first couple of tracks sound pretty nice with "Too late" as best one with it's great melody line during the chorus. This song can be compared to FOR ABSENT FRIENDS. "Truce (flyin' blind)" is nice YES influenced progressive melodic rock/aor, while the best tracks of TREASON are "The road" and "Push". These songs are good AOR based songs, including some great keys in "Push".

TREASON is a good band that should have a record deal in no time, because their sound is very professional and up-to-date. I think both progressive rock and AOR fans will enjoy this band. Visit the website of the band at: and e-mail them at: or write to their postal address at: Treason Productions, 15600 NE 8th, PMB #A634, Bellevue, WA 98008, USA.

(Points: 7.5 out of 10)

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Sound Barrier Magazine (UK) / Spin City Magazine (Belgium) — September 1999


By Nick Baldrian — 10/10

If you spend a little time searching the Internet you can find some very good and interesting bands that otherwise get overlooked by the press in general, how we in the UK missed this album is way beyond me, but I'm actually glad that I have dug this one up as it a very good mic of melodic/progressive and indy rock.

Treason come from Bellevue USA and had a few hit singles from this album whch was originally released in 1997, mainly the songs "Bus Stop Door" and "Collecting Hearts" which feature Alan White and Billy Sherwood from Yes. What makes this album a bit of a collectable is the fact that it's pure rock with a 90's edge, the songs are clear and the production is of a+ standards, musically the band play a mix of heavy guitar and keyboard sequencing that remind's me of Dream Theater, Whitesnake and Bad Moon Rising with a hint of Pearl Jam. Track 3, "Too Late," is a husky smokey rocker with very Kal Swan like vocals and some great, make that very great Stu Hamm style bass thunping, pow!!! The next number in is an accoustic led ballad called "Dusty Chair" that has a slightly bluesy feel, I really like Brian Michalski's voice on this track which is a dreamy mix of Kal Swan, Eddie Vedder and David Coverdale.

Treason are now due to release their follow up and for me I'd be intrested to hear what they sound like with their new singer Jason Saunders, but I do think that Brian will be a hard act to follow. An intresting prospect though is that Ann and Nancy Wilson from Heart are apparently contributing to the new record so it does seem as if Treason could report their current success, time will tell.

"Collecting Hearts" is the track that features the Yes guys, and it's a jaw droping blend of classic melodies and hard rock. Another great track is "Truce (Flying blind) which is very raw, very heavy and very complexed musically, "Push" features the use of saxphones and comes across in an apealing sense of diversity a'la Jean Michell Jarre.

Overall, this is a blinding CD, if your looking for a band to take rock into the millenium then I think TREASON stand a very good chance as their arrangments and musical ability is only just beginning. A breath of fresh air.

Contact Treason via their website@

Jim Dixon - bass
Karl Haug - guitars
Brian Michalski - vocals
Pete Stern - drums
Ted Stockwell - keys

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